Welcome To Our Official Church Website

We are a growing community learning to live and move in the love of Jesus Christ. We aim to be a place where all people can encounter the love and peace of the living God. Harvest Ministries is a Protestant Church that values its Pentecostal heritage. At Harvest Ministries you will find rich worship, authentic spirituality, and a strong commitment to the care of those who are in need. We are pilgrims, traveling by faith to know God better, to know ourselves better, and to become the people God created us to be.

We welcome you to travel with us whether your own journey has just begun or has been under way for many years. We invite you to visit us to worship, pray and sing, to learn with us and to help us as we help our neighbors. Harvest Ministries is the kind of church that welcomes all people, from all walks of life, to worship one God, the creator of the universe, with joy and excitement.